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Empowering girls in Nepal

The Soroptimist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland Project 2019 – 2022
A 3-year project to make a real and sustainable difference to vulnerable and trafficked girls in Nepal.

In Nepal, reported cases of rape have quadrupled in the past ten years. Girls’ lives are being destroyed as they face not only the violence and long-term mental trauma but also the stigma associated with rape. Registered charity ChoraChori (the Nepali word for “children”) is leading the fight back as it supports victims and their families and brings rapists to justice. For three years from November 2019 Soroptimist International of Great Britain and Ireland is collaborating with ChoraChori in supporting rape survivors as they rebuild their lives, empowering them through education and training into gainful employment and a future within society. To find out more about this exciting project, follow this link.

Counselling Support

We protect girls at our Children’s Refuge and Rehabilitation Centre (CRRC)
in Kathmandu, providing counselling support and catering for their immediate
needs. Meantime, our legal team works to bring their rapists to justice.

Educate & Train

At the CRRC we educate and train rape survivors, trafficking victims and girls from impoverished communities so that they can rejoin their communities empowered – aware of their rights and equipped with skills for life that lead to a proper income.

About Brooklyn
"Yesterday was an honour and a humbling experience visiting Chorachori. We were overwhelmed by the dedication of the people who run it and meeting the kids who have just arrived. Some played outside and couldn’t believe they could go in and out onto the grass at will and not be locked in a room. Others just stayed in a room, sitting or laying on their mattresses saying very little and blank expressions because they are traumatised…..It is only now writing this that I am feeling the emotion our visit has provoked"
Dot Coupe, Trustee ADM Nepal
Our Service


ChoraChori works with Nepalese NGO ChoraChori-Nepal, registered charity Unity in Health, leading British company Gandys and with U.S. nonprofit, Her Future Coalition.


ChoraChori-Nepal has a dedicated legal team (pictured left) who visit the poorest communities to collect evidence and support victims and their families, ensuring successful prosecutions.


ChoraChori’s partner, registered charity Unity In Health provides consultancy and volunteer support to ChoraChori-Nepal staff counsellors at our purpose-built child trauma management centre


We provide vocational training, collaborating with leading UK company Gandys as we teach basic and advanced tailoring skills and with U.S. nonprofit Her Future Coalition in the operation of a silver jewellery training workshop.

Our Service



Amrita Acharia, Nepalese-Ukrainian actress

” My recent visit to Chora Chori’s refuge cemented my respect and support for this amazing charity. I saw first hand the work that is done by an invested and genuine team to rehabilitate Nepalese children who have been through unspeakable trauma. Besides just bringing them out the other end, Chora Chori endeavours to – and succeeds – in rebuilding them emotionally and with education and tools for a better life and future once they are ready to leave “

from HBO "Game of Thrones" and ITV's "The Good Karma Hospital"


ChoraChori (the Nepali word for children) grew out of a strong personal and professional relationship between some committed people in the UK and Nepal



co-Founders ChoraChori-UK

Following a personal tragedy in 1999, Philip Holmes resigned immediately from his career as a British Army officer to dedicate his life to helping Nepalese children. After marrying former TV Producer Beverley Waymark the couple moved to live in Nepal in 2004 and to head up an anti-child trafficking programme that spelt freedom for hundreds of children. They returned to live in the UK in 2012 and soon afterwards registered ChoraChori with the Charity Commission. To read their remarkable story read Philip’s inspirational memoir, Gates of Bronze.



co-Founder of ChoraChori-Nepal

Originally from Kerala, south India, former Catholic sister Shailaja CM has been living in Nepal for the past 20 years. She first met Philip in 2002 and has been working with him ever since. Shailaja is one of life’s “Unsung heroes” who has an unrivalled track record in rescuing children from dangerous circumstances and attending to their long-term needs. She is in charge of operations in Nepal, including leading rescue missions into India.



co-Founder of ChoraChori-Nepal

Bhaskar Karki is the CEO of ChoraChori-Nepal. He has an MBA majoring in accounting and was Philip’s Deputy in Nepal from 2008 to 2012. He is just as passionate about child rescue as Shailaja, once joining her in jail, locked up for a night by a corrupt cop in a bid to dampen his ardour. His enthusiasm remains undiminished. Bhaskar is supported by his British wife, Jen, a former charity volunteer in Nepal who has a Masters in Development Studies.



Soroptimist International is a global volunteer movement working together to transform the lives of women and girls with nearly 80,000 Members in 124 countries. Soroptimist International Great Britain and Ireland (SIGBI) has 8000 Members in 350 Clubs in 28 countries including Great Britain, Ireland and countries in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Malta, who work at a local, national and international level to educate, empower and enable opportunities for women and girls.


ChoraChori’s Mission is to rescue Nepalese children from abusive situations in Nepal and India, manage their trauma and reintegrate them with their families and communities. Where this is not possible, we provide for children’s care, education and training until they can look after themselves as young adults. We bring child abusers to justice. Since August 2015 we have rescued and repatriated over 200 displaced Nepalese children from India, reuniting almost all of them with their families.



Please note that ChoraChori receives no government funding in either UK or Nepal.
We are entirely reliant on grants and public donations, including gifts in Wills.



We welcome you to contact us for more information.